Results of the 2023 edition

Thanks to the initiative of the Canton of Geneva and the cities of Lausanne and Vevey, in partnership with Zerowaste Switzerland, the RE:PAS CHALLENGE pilot project has demonstrated a real commitment to reusable tablewear alternatives for takeaway meals and drinks, with the aim of reducing single-use waste and saving CO2e and resources.

During the pilot phase,, 45 companies and 348 participants have already achieved results:

  • 482 kg of CO2e saved

  • 116 kg of waste avoided

On an annual basis, the results are even more impressive:

  • 8,201 kg of CO2e saved, equivalent to driving 39 km in a car

  • 1'971 kg of waste, which corresponds to approximately 461 x 35-litre bin bags,

We can't wait for more and more people to join ! from 7 to 18 October 2024 ! Will we manage to quadruple our savings?

Sign up now and discover how easy it is to save resources! If you can't wait, take a look at the local campaigns run by the founding authorities: RestoBox in Lausanne Emportons Malin in Canton of Geneva.