For companies and organisations

Why participate ? Are you looking for a concrete, easy-to-implement measure that incorporates sustainability issues, promotes best practices and creates positive interactions among your teams?

Taking part in RE:PAS CHALLENGE is about:

  1. Create a new habit and reduce the amount of disposable waste that fills up dustbins and costs money. At the same time, you'll save not only money, but also resources and CO2e.
  2. Simple and fun, RE:PAS CHALLENGE lets you see the impact: per person, per group/company, for the action as a whole. The result is an overall reduction in waste in your offices.
  3. Reducing the carbon footprint is an absolute priority in the fight against climate change. The results of the RE:PAS CHALLENGE don't lie!
  4. Team spirit helps to strengthen cohesion between colleagues. Win great prizes in the prize draw!

Rules of the game

From 7 to 18 October 2024, here's how to collect points:

  • Replace disposable packaging for lunch or dinner with a reusable, washable bowl, dish or plate.
  • Enjoy your favourite coffee in a real mug or a reusable cup instead of a disposable one.
  • Fill your water bottle, glass or reusable mug/cup instead of a PET bottle or disposable glass.
  • Collect points and WIN !

How to participate?

  1. Pre-register your company/group with the application form.
  2. Once your registration has been validated,, receive your communication kit (poster, flyer, access to the application).
  3. Once you have reached a certain number of points, and thanks to your efforts to reuse, you will participate to the prize draw 30th October 2024

Financial participation 

For companies, the costs are calculated on the basis of the total number of employees in the company, regardless of the number of participants:

Number of employees Participation fees
> 10 to 20CHF 99
> 21 to 30CHF 149
> 31 to 50CHF 275
> 51 to 100CHF 325
> 101 to 300CHF 475
> 301 to 500CHF 550
> 501 to 1000CHF 975
> 1000CHF 1275

Non-profit organizations, associations, clubs, get a 50% discount!
For companies, if your municipality supports the RE:PAS CHALLENGE, you will receive a 10% discount.

A coaching with the Zerowaste Switzerland can be arranged on request and subject to availability. 

Pre-registration for the challenge

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