For municipalities and cities

This challenge is for innovative local authorities who want to preserve their resources, reduce their waste and CO2e emissions. The RE:PAS challenge is not just a campaign, it's a concrete action that encourages residents to take action! By demonstrating the positive impact of the growing number of reusable packaging solutions, new consumer habits are easier to adopt. By supporting RE:PAS CHALLENGE, you are encouraging companies in your region to contribute to the circular economy. Invite your colleagues and be surprised how such a small action can make such a positive impact !

The participation is possible during 1 to 3 years as follows:

Number of habitants Year 1Year 2Year 3
> 25’000CHF 2’500CHF 1’500CHF 750
> 50’000CHF 3’500CHF 2’000CHF 1’000
> 100’000CHF 5’500CHF 2’500CHF 1’250
> 200’000CHF 7’500CHF 3’000CHF 1’500

For RE:PAS CHALLENGE municipalities and cities, a joint communication campaign will be launched with the #repaschallenge

Thanks to your participation, companies in your region will benefit from a 10% discount on their participation.

Your benefits:

  1. You support a "ready to use" action to preserve resources, reduce single-use waste and cut CO2 emissions.
  2. You offer a fun activity that creates links with your employees and with local businesses and organisations.
  3. RE:PAS CHALLENGE is more than a campaign, it puts your residents into action.
  4. RE:PAS CHALLENGE shows how a little effort can go a long way!
  5. Your support is mentioned on the website and in the report distributed to the participating companies.

Your commitment to RE:PAS CHALLENGE:

  • You commit to RE:PAS CHALLENGE for 1 to 3 years.
  • You support the campaign by communicating through your existing channels, for example by displaying the RE:PAS CHALLENGE logo on your website or mentioning it in your existing communications.
  • As a good example, you and your employees take part in the challenge.
  • You offer one or more prizes in your region, which only participants from your region can win.
If you are interested in this initiative, please complete the pre-registration form until 20th May 2024..

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